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How To Create Beautiful Instagram Carousel Posts

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

What? What is a carousel post?

An Instagram carousel allow users to post up to 10 photos and/or videos in a single post! After publishing a carousel post, there will be a small icon at the upper right side of your photo on your feed.

Most of us have used this function on our Instagram profile before. It is so useful, for both personal or business Instagram accounts! How so? We’ll further explore what kind of carousels you can post on Instagram and how you can use it to market your brand.


Sharing UGC on the business account is a great advantage. It will drive brand loyalty, strengthen your brand image, and create a feeling of a close-knit community among your target audience.

With carousel posts on Instagram, numerous UGC photos and videos can be shared in one post within the community. You can group these photos according to a theme, or according to timeline.

For example, Adobe Photoshop showed their followers how fellow users have utilised their software to edit spectacular photos.


Source: Sprinklr

You can give your followers a sneak peek behind the scenes of your brand or business! It creates a genuine connection between you and them as they get to understand more about your brand. It may also even foster brand-consumer interaction and build on brand loyalty. That is a lot of benefits!

Some ideas include showing your employees working behind the scenes, planning or production processes, or even sharing about your latest product collection’s inspiration.


Source: Buzzfeed

It’s a fairly popular sight to see brands highlight their customers’ ratings and reviews on their websites. But have you considered doing the same on your Instagram carousel posts?

For instance, Kylie Cosmetics regularly shows kind words and phrases from their customers. It is a perfect way to improve and boost your brand’s credibility and reputation.


Instagram carousel posts are incredibly useful. You can use it to tell a brand story, do a short event recap, introduce new products, post step-by-step images, and so much more. If used properly, you can improve brand interest, brand interest, consumer interaction, and even profits.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get going and create more content for your some carousel posts!

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