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The Beethoven in you will realise PA-TATA-TATA is made up of a quaver and two semi-quavers. You can sing it at the end of a magic trick or hear it with a crescendo at the opening of the next Hollywood movie… Hmmm. Actually. That, of course is only if we get to produce a Hollywood movie. Well, eventually, we will! Dreams CAN come true, right?

Dreams! Your Dreams, are why we are here - to make them come true.


For you. Yes, your Dreams. No, not your work. YOUR DREAMS. Yes, yes! Those images that are flashing across your mind now! You, on your dream vacation, sipping on a glass of well-aged wine on your balcony, carrying an Hermes Birkin along des Champs Élysées, basking as the Maldivian sun sets in the horizon; yes - those dreams are why we exist.

We give you time and money - to make your dreams come true.


We will help you solve brain blocks, stagnant sales, low brand awareness and navigate the uncertainties in foreign landscapes by empowering your needs with our expertise. We will turn marketing nightmares into marketing fantasies, churn out successful campaigns in quick time.


Why spend time and money hiring and managing 20 full-time marketers and having to worry over its sustainability, when you can have a dedicated team to serve your marketing needs anytime - be it a team of 3, or a team of 300 experts, your marketing sidekick is a solid plurality of 350 international professionals ready to serve your needs.

Grow your business, be inspired, and let us serve your marketing pains. Pa-tata-tata is here! To empower your endeavours, and be the sidekick you need to reach your dreams!

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