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Top Social Media Marketing Trends for June

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

As the world increases in connectivity, with the millennials and Gen-Zs thriving on social media platforms to express themselves and to seek entertainment, it is important for brands (be it B2B or B2C) to grasp up-to-date social media trends for your digital marketing efforts.

Here are the Top Social Media Marketing Trends for June:


All brands aim to portray the most aesthetically looking images accompanied with the nicest sounding words. However, this common sight can easily be passed off as cliché in today’s social media climate.

Consumers value authenticity. Consumers want to see the real side of brands - what does your brand stand for? Are your marketing messages genuine? Are your CSR campaigns for the good of the community or are they more for publicity?

If you want your consumers to trust you, you need to be honest with them.

According to the 2020 Sprout Social Index, transparency and engagement with the audience are the top two factors that make a brand’s social best in class.

Share your brand’s persona on social media. Be it a praise or a negative comment, handle it genuinely with a sincere message. Thank them for the feedback and if you are comfortable, openly address their problems, otherwise, private message them the soonest possible. You’d be surprised how many loyal brand advocates you can recruit from the once unhappy customers. Show your customers that you care.

“Audiences are more social-savvy than ever, so you can’t expect to ‘get away’ to attempts to avoid, delete or otherwise sweep missteps under the rug,” Sprout Social advises.


Digital marketing is tied even closer to Digital Commerce now. With the rise of social media, social commerce is the next big thing. Facebook and Instagram have shops on their platforms where your audiences can browse your products and services and purchase them directly on these platforms.

Brands such as JBL and YISHION have set up storefronts on their various social media profiles.

It’s worth noting that almost 50% of all internet users use social media to find out more about brands, while social media referrals can influence the purchase decisions of 71% of users.

Thus, by adding social commerce into your social media profiles, you are shortening that purchasing journey of the customer, and increasing the probability of closing the sales pitch.


Engagement is the de-facto measurement for social media marketing success. Audiences are ever ready to interact with your brand if your brand engages them well. In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, studies have shown that people are more inclined to support brands that do good for the community than ever before.

In a Twitter survey by Twitter themselves found that “74% of respondents said brands should showcase acts of kindness,” and “77% agreed they feel more positively about brands making an effort to support society at the moment.”

Perhaps, your brand can consider embarking on initiatives such as pledging a percentage of sales to a community cause, or create a campaign to support events such as Earth Day.

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