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4 Free Design Tools for Marketing Professionals

Sometimes you just need to draft up something quick to show a client or colleagues: a mockup or a rough prototype as proof of concept, or to spark discussion and further ideas. Or maybe you just want to create a quick and fun image, or digital flyer, to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

In this post we list some of our favourite tools for marketing pros and other non-designers:

Tell stories with photos, videos and text using Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark is a free storytelling platform that allows you to combine photos, slideshows, videos and text in one standalone web page. It’s free to use, and you can log in through your Adobe account, Facebook or Google. Geared towards non-designers, Spark can be used to create social graphics, web stories and animated videos with no technical knowledge required.

Edit images for free in the browser using Pixlr.

Need to quickly crop an image, or apply a filter? With simple image editing tasks, you don’t need to waste time and money with Photoshop. There are plenty of free, browser-based tools that will get the job done just as well, and our favourite is Pixlr. You can create a new image, upload one from your desktop, or grab one directly from a URL. And the tool even includes some mid-level features you’d expect from paid software, such as fill, crop, blur and smudge.

Create social media images with Pablo.

Another free, browser-based editor, Pablo helps you create engaging images for your social media postings. The key to getting attention on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is to combine the right text with the right images, and Pablo makes this quick and easy. For instance, it enables you to make your text larger or smaller, change the font type or colour, switch your photo to blurred or black-and-white, add icons, and more.

Canva has thousands of templates to use for your marketing material

Canva is a free tool that makes it easy to design presentations, infographics, ads, social media graphics, and other marketing material. Based on a drag and drop interface and including thousands of well-designed templates, it allows non-designers to create impressive-looking assets and offers you access to hundreds of fonts, photo filters, and free icons and shapes to help you out. Canva is available both within the browser and as an iPad app.

Put your Ideas into Compelling Visuals

These tools are a great way to visualize and share your ideas pictorially with others. They are easy to use, straightforward, and get the job done.

But if you want a professional design for your marketing campaign, then you need to hire a designer. Our designers can help turn your ideas into professional visuals to help your marketing and business, contact us to find out more!



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