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3 reasons why you NEED to use TikTok for your business

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Source: BBC

In 2021, one of the hottest social media apps is video-sharing app - TikTok. If you are still hesitant to incorporate TikTok into your business’ digital marketing plan, here are 3 reasons why you should.

1. Reach Out To a Wider Audience

Why use TikTok? One of the most prominent reasons for your business to use TikTok is its extensive reach.

Source: Oberlo

As of January 2021, Tiktok has approximately 689 million active users globally (Datareportal, 2021). With the app’s rise in popularity, marketing on TikTok is surely going to help increase your brand’s reach to a larger audience.

Source: Stryve

More importantly, if your brand is looking to appeal to a younger audience, then TikTok is definitely an app that you should highly consider including in your social media marketing strategy. Almost ½ of TikTok’s global user base is under the age of 34 (Daniel, 2020). Using the app would enable greater brand awareness among Gen Z and Millenials.

2. A Novel Digital Marketing Strategy

Current social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook are increasingly filled with numerous advertisements.

With the overflow of advertisements on these platforms, it is no surprise that you may experience some difficulty reaching out to your brand’s target demographic. Therefore, it may be time for brands to move away from conventional digital marketing strategies like Instagram marketing.

Furthermore, presently, not many brands have hopped onto TikTok marketing. This means there are relatively fewer competitor brands vying for customers’ attention on the platform - increasing your brand’s ability to reach out to potential consumers.

Source: Brandastic

In contrast to other social media platforms, content on TikTok is showcased in a full-screen format, free from distractions. You might be wondering, so what? TikTok’s content presentation style has much more significance than you might think.

It means that for a split second, you are guaranteed of users’ undivided attention on your content. Retaining this attention would involve efforts to produce engaging and snackable content.

On top of that, as opposed to most social media platforms where users usually view content only from accounts they follow, TikTok users frequently view content on their FYP (For you page). The FYP consists of videos from creators that users are not currently following and are curated by TikTok’s algorithm. Hence, TikTok’s FYP can help to enhance brands’ audience reach, engagement and awareness.

If you are looking for a fresh content marketing strategy, TikTok is an excellent way to go.

3. Boost Brand Authenticity

TikTok users desire entertaining and light-hearted content, unduly serious content usually do not do well on the app. On TikTok, brands get to connect and interact with their consumers (both new and old) in a fun way. This presents a good opportunity for brands to reshape or create their brand identity. Given the light-hearted nature of Tik Tok videos, brands get to demonstrate themselves as fun and authentic - appealing to more consumers.

Source: Ambista

Why is authenticity so important? Today, consumers value brand authenticity. Gen Z consumers demand much more from Brands, seeking for things such as creativity and social responsibility.

Source: LearnHub

Apart from Gen Z, authenticity is highly valued by Millennials as well. Although Millennials value authenticity the most, Gen X and boomers are not far behind as well.

Hence, TikTok is a platform that brands ought to consider in their attempts to connect with their consumers.

Successful Tik Tok Marketing Examples

1. Gymshark

The fitness apparel and accessories brand has amassed 2.7 million followers on their Tik Tok. The brand provides users with a variety of content ranging from fitness, food and memes.

2. Fenty Beauty

With 813.2K followers, the makeup brand engages its customers through content such as hashtag challenges and UGC (User Generated Content). At the time of writing, the #fentybeauty hashtag has 327.8M views - demonstrating the success of the brand’s hashtag challenges.

3. Levi’s

Levi’s partnered with TikTok to test out a new form of advertising function - a “Shop now” button on the brand's TikToks.

After clicking on the button, users will be directed to Levi’s website, allowing them to purchase the apparels showcased in the TikTok video.

On top of that, the brand also partnered with Tik Tok influencers to promote their apparels. As a result, Levi’s experienced a rise in consumer engagement and website traffic - displaying the potential TikTok marketing has.

In a nutshell

TikTok marketing has proven to be a successful social media marketing tool. As long as brands consistently produce entertaining content, they are likely to see promising results.

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