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With a combined experience of over a century, the Pa-Tata-Tata team of consultants have worked extensively with both SMEs and international labels on brand creation and strategic marketing proliferation. Some of our clients include AW LAB, Adidas, Rolls Royce, L’oreal, Huawei, and even SME startups such as KAEN, Gulp Gulp! Bohae, and Sigiskin, who have all grown beyond their shores of origins and are enjoying the fruits of their tenacious labour as we speak. We are ever-ready to support your company’s strive for brand excellence with our team of experts - from design, to R&D, to marketing, and to cross-border expansion - with a healthy composition of ethnicities, youthful trend-setters and experienced senior advisories. We look forward to a promising journey with your company, and are prepared to dedicate our knowledge and expertise to your ultimate brand success. Our company is accredited by TÜV SÜD as a certified consultant for government grants such as the Enterprise Development Grant.

Chief Business Consultant - Ian K.

Ian is a Certified Business Consultant by TÜV SÜD with cross-industry experiences in brand launches and creative marketing campaigns for SMEs and MNCs like NIKE, AW LAB, LG, Singtel, Bohae Soju, Gillette and Chantecaille. With a mantra of “why not?,’ Ian’s forte lies in the creative sphere, and business strategy. His passion for marketing and event campaigns began as young as 9 when he was in the young MENSA community. Ian is based in Singapore and is very familiar with the SME scene, having led multiple product development projects and business growth initiatives. In the international arena, he has directed projects across continents, in countries such as Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Nepal and China. Ian’s entertainment and performance background helps him navigate his clients’ brand strategies in the entertainment industry well. His visionary instinct and never-give-up attitude sees him push his clients to achieve results they had never thought possible. With Ian, your company is certain to wow your audiences and stakeholders. Apart from being in consultancy, Ian is an ACTA certified trainer with multiple organisations as well.


Business Consultant - Kubi

Kubi is an award-winning International Brand Consultant and Trainer with 24 years experience in brand marketing. A dynamic and well respected brand expert, her clients include Facebook, Vogue, L'Oreal, Blackberry, MTV, Rio Ferdinand, P.Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Aston Martin, The Guardian, Adidas, Barclays Bank, Deloitte, Santander, New York University, London College of Fashion and Oxford University. In 2018 Kubi won the BWB 'Best Marketeer of the Year' Award and became a regular contributor for BBC Radio 5 'Business Hour’. She has delivered brand commentary for Red Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes and most recently Business Insider. Kubi has used her branding expertise and lifelong passion for fashion, entertainment and beauty, to spearhead projects that focus on global brand diversity. Her consultancy projects enable organisations to effectively connect with stakeholders from around the world, giving them the tools to adapt and sell to diverse audiences across cultural, gender and ethnic backgrounds.


Business Consultant - Ivan

Ivan is a highly sought after consultant for his achievements at technological and telecommunication giants such as Ericsson, Starhub, Huawei, and Singtel. He has over 30 years of experience in driving business growth for international corporations with multi-million dollar projects spanning from Singapore to other Asian countries, to Europe and the America continents, impacting over 400 macro and micro projects to date. His strong business acumen, innovative problem solving skills, and results-driven approach have benefited his clients as their companies reach tremendous growth over the mid to long term. Ivan has also regularly been invited to Huawei University as a guest speaker to share his knowledge and expertise to C-level personnel and the senior academics. He believes, with the right vision, consistency, determination and a focused mindset, your company will grow with his guidance.


Business Consultant - Kyla

Kyla’s expertises lies in the technological startup industry. She has advised and supported startups from fashion to F&B in the technological arena and helped them discover and develop innovative technological solutions for their businesses to serve their respective industries. Kyla is a Chemical and Biochemical Graduate from Nanyang technological University of Singapore. Her methodological and systematic thinking help companies build prototypes effectively and practically. Being a certified Style Coach from the UK, Kyla has developed an eye for spotting trends in the fashion and consumer industries even before they mature. Companies such as Dressabelle, The Suit Maker, AW LAB, and Pocket Me have benefitted from her visionary instincts and guidance. She sits on the board of Singapore Women’s Association and is an advisor for strategic partnerships and campaigns such as Miss Singapore International.


Creative Consultant - Kylie

Kylie is a master of devising visual conceptualisations and creations. Her creative concoctions and creations are seen far and wide where she has impacted SMEs and MNCs with the likes of Klook, Love Bonito, The Urban Clinic, Bohae Breweries, The MASUKU & The Singapore Women’s Association all benefiting from her unique touches. Being a self-motivated and innovative individual, Kylie can be trusted to direct, lead, and produce organic and fresh design projects. She graduated from the School Of Art, Design and Media – Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual communication with Second-Class Honours , and is more than equipped with the necessary intellect and skill sets of an innovative lead. Your brands can be certain to launch with an impact and successfully grow under Kylie’s directions.


Creative Designer - Faith

Faith’s forte is curating and planning eye-catching and relevant content for brands. She is a highly self-motivated individual who is very passionate in design and marketing - which gives her an edge over conventional designers that are seldom adept in marketing knowledge. Constantly seeking to improve her skill sets, Faith executes her own design projects in her free time when she is not working. Faith has brought life to many brands’ social profiles, and is continuing her brilliant work on her clients’ multiple social platforms as we speak.


Marketing Strategist & Market Researcher 1 - Pamela

With an education in Business Information Technology, Pamela has the expertise to utilise computer systems in solving business problems. She is a driven and dependable individual who is able to complete tasks promptly and effectively. As a critical thinker, Pamela is skilled at analysing and distilling information and data from various sources. Pamela has worked with brands such as OCBC, Bohae Breweries and The MASUKU. With her strong communication skills, Pamela is also able to effectively convey ideas to clients, while building and maintaining strong business relationships. Taking on the mantles of a market researcher, Pamela is resourceful and proficient in obtaining both primary and secondary information, while she supports the team with deep data analytics and research methodologies.


Marketing Strategist & Market Researcher 2 - Louise

Louise specialises in marketing campaign strategies and market research. Passionate and earnest to learn about each business she engages with, Louise is enthusiastic in representing our clients’ interests from concept design and product design to the analytical aspects of these. Her education in Business coupled with her analytical and inquisitive nature, expedited her learning of the ropes of her role as she played supporting roles in multiple product development projects and business growth initiatives. She is also trained in various digital marketing skills such as SEO, web development, and managing multiple digital social platforms.

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