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Food & Beverage

Bowl Chap

Everyone loves food, so do we - we love to create food, so that you would not have to worry about indulging in foodgasms and feeling unhealthy at all. We feel that rice bowls are more than just food; they are forms of self-expressions. With each bowl we create, we hope to evoke reminiscence and nostalgic emotions from the fusion of tastes. While some eat to live, some live to eat - we, live to make you eat better.

Creative Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Management, Strategic Brand &Marketing Development, Business Strategy Consultancy


The Brief

We were tasked to create a fresh new look for the brand through a new logo. The brand wanted to capture the attention of the corporate audience to target working adults that aspire to have a healthier and more balanced diet. The brand aims to increase its awareness and engagement through digital marketing.

Brand Identity

Bowl Chap's old logo was redesigned by our designers to make it appear more professional for the corporate world. We created a cleaner and more impactful logo with the brand name being more prominent so it would leave a lasting impression on the customers.

Complementary colours and typefaces that reflected Bowl Chap's brand voice and values were chosen, balancing youthfulness and professionalism. Yellow was chosen as it reflects the brand's energetic nature, and it makes people hungry (think McDonald's), whereas blue was chosen as a complementary colour as it represents friendship, trust, and professionalism.


Social Media

Bowl Chap's social media feed was planned to be simple, while having a clean overall aesthetic. With the concept of a simple feed, it was easy to maintain and gave the brand more flexibility when it came to content planning and curation. 

Yellow was a driving color for the overall look of the feed, with the use of
simple shapes, such as rectangles and circles.


Food photography also played a large part in creating the look of the feed. The aesthetic flat lays and pictures of the food can entice audiences to crave and gain interest in Bowl Chap’s food.



Bowl Chap increased their brand awareness and engagement through their social media page on Instagram. With the fresh and simple look of the social media feed, the brand was able to attract more from working professionals and create a longer longer lasting impression with its revitalized brand look.


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